Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 – Let’s Play #01 – A lengthy introduction to VPW2!


Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 – Let’s Play #01 – A lengthy introduction to VPW2!
Welcome to my first video in my (hopefully) long running Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 let’s play series!

VPW2 was a Japanese only release, developed by AKI with a gameplay engine and art direction similar to WWF WrestleMania 2000. In this video I will give a detailed explanation about what VPW2 exactly is: it’s developmental origins, the gameplay modes it has, and the differences from the WWF/WCW AKI games. I also play two matches: a regular wrestling match and a MMA style match, to demonstrate the exclusive MMA grappling system that was left out of WWF No Mercy! It’s my favorite game of the series, and I hope you find my videos fun and enlightening!

In my Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 Let’s Play episodes I elaborate on the the infamous AKI wrestling game engine, provide historical context plus fun facts on the wrestlers in the game, and share my observations and opinions on wrestling as a lifelong fan.

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Want to try VPW2 for yourself? Make sure you use these essential translation guides, courtesy of gamefaqs:

Also check out the original roster edit guide I used back in the day:

Check out NJPW World (It’s like WWE Network, but for NJPW!):

Don’t read Japanese? This link will help you sign up:

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Gameplay was captured with an Elgato Game Capture HD and my N64. Video was made with iMovie. I used a Blue Microphones Snowball USB Mic along with Quicktime for voice recording.