Top 10 NJPW Finishers From 2016-18!


Top 10 NJPW Finishers From 2016-18!
Top 10 NJPW Finishers From 2016-18!
Top 10 moves of njpw
Top 10 amazing njpw finisher

Top 10 njpw finishers shown in the list are –
10- Phoenix-plex
9- oscutter
8- cross rhodes
7- Veleno
6- Rainmaker
5- styles clash
4- Elevated sitout Powerbomb
3- Bad luck fall
2- Destino
1- one winged angel

Song-Bullet Club theme (Jaydegarrow)

Hey Guys saket here , with this new Video top 10 njpw finishers and i know that i am not the 1st one to make this video Guy’s like *NGAMING*has already done it and i just imitated his video with better list of finishers,Hope you will like this video , Thanks for watching !
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