Jun Kasai’s Scarred Back; Is This a Disgrace to Pro Wrestling?


Jun Kasai’s Scarred Back; Is This a Disgrace to Pro Wrestling?
Jun Kasai is one of Pro Wrestling’s most hardcore wrestlers. This CZW star is one bad dude, but what would Karl Gotch and Antonio Anoki think of his wrestling style? Please leave a comment and let us know!

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The fourth time was on April 5, 2010 Kasai competed in a Barbwire Treaty Death Match that pitted Team CZW (Jun Kasai, DJ Hyde, and Nick Gage) against Team BJW (Jaki Numazawa, Isami Kodaka, and Masashi Takeda) in which a razor blade board was used in several bumps. On June 21, 2010 Kasai competed against the Necro Butcher in a Hardcore match for the FREEDOMS promotion; the razor blade board came into play mid way through the match.
Soon after a death match titled “Madness of Massacre” against Jaki the Black Angel Numazawa in 2009
“Razor Blade Cross Board” – Since 2005 “razor blade board” deathmatches have been held 5 times in BJW / Apache Pro Wrestling / FREEDOMS, and all of them have been done by Kasai.

He was born in Hokkaido and now lives in the mainland, but he is claiming that he is from Hiladelhia, America on his official website[8] as a joke; he described Philadelphia as his second homeland. While Kasai wrestled in the US, he was a lodger in Wifebeater’s house. He has described Wifebeater as a real mad man unlike many deathmatch wrestlers who are in fact gentlemen outside the ring.[9]

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