Hulk Hogan’s Manga Mania! WWF / WWE Japanese Pro Wrestling Comic Books – English Dub – GTV


Hulk Hogan’s Manga Mania! WWF / WWE Japanese Pro Wrestling Comic Books – English Dub – GTV
GTV 62 Hulk Hogan’s Manga Mania! WWF / WWE Japanese Pro Wrestling Comic Books – Rock’n Wrestling this is NOT! What’cha gonna do brother when this manga runs wild on you?!! Subscribe! Support & Invest In GTV!

I’ve been in Japan for almost 20 years, and I now present to you the strangest, weirdest thing I have ever found in the Land of The Rising Sun. A manga series about Hulk Hogan! You might say, really? Was Hulk Hogan, and by extension, the WWF / WWE THAT popular in Japan to warrant its own comic series? Well, The WWF, now WWE, and New Japan actually cross promoted their stars often in the early 1980s, so Hulk Hogan and many other names of the day were well known in Japan. The manga series is called Yappa! A-Hogan Yo! Meaning in English, simply, HEY IT’S HOGAN! This whole time, these books have flown under the radar of the English Internet. Which has basically been a constant one up of who can deliver the most obscure things to make fun of. So I submit this to you! Can anyone top this? if so I’d like to see it!

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